How Much Will You Spend on Your Dream Project?

Determine Your Home Remodeling Budget in 5 Steps by ProSource Wholesale Before you can begin your home remodeling project, you’ll need to determine your budget.  Fortunately, there are some standard rules and tools that can help.  Follow these five steps to get a clear picture of the budget you’ll need to accomplish your home remodeling […]

Building a Custom Home…

From Smart to Finish… Hire the right professionals. Your team from the beginning phases of your project should include: You as the future homeowner, an architect or home designer, your chosen builder and an interior designer.  These professionals have successfully completed similar projects, and can share with you their insights and knowledge to help educate […]

Large Format Tiles

Don’t miss out on one of today’s hottest tile trends! What is the one thing holding you back from new tile in your kitchen, bathroom, home or office?  For me, it’s grout lines.  I cringe at the thought of having to clean the grout.  Well, I’m happy to say, those days are over! Large format […]

The Double D’s of Home Remodeling

What are two four letter words that strike major concern into any homeowner’s mind during the remodeling process?  The double D’s, “Dust and Demo”!  The demolition process is a separate project in and of itself and should be a conversation addressed between you and your contractor prior to demolition day.  A good contractor will have […]