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You’re thinking of upgrading your kitchen or bathroom and need to tackle the daunting task of selecting a countertop.  You know what you like, but wonder if it is the best choice for you.  Many people share the same hesitation when it comes to making these decisions.  Bedrosians can help!  They are one of A-Team Constructions preferred vendors and their staff can help you make the right decision.  Read below to get an idea of what would work or not work for you.

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Counter culture

Advice on Hiring A Contractor

I just came across this article written by Michael Stone and thought it was something that should be shared with our readers.  Please take the time to read this if you are thinking of hiring a contractor to build your dream project!

Here in Arizona, we have the Arizona Registrar of Contractors.  This is a perfect place to start when shopping for a contractor.  You will find out much information about someone you potentially could hire.  They also have a fantastic list of things you should keep in mind “Before You Hire A Contractor”.

While we would love to have the opportunity to take on your dream project, we still suggest doing your homework on us.  Review our contractor’s license, check our references, look at our photos of work we’ve done to see if it’s in line with your vision.  Most of all, interview us!

A-Team Construction is here for you.  We can answer any questions you may have and we offer free estimates to complete your dream project!


How Much Will You Spend on Your Dream Project?

Determine Your Home Remodeling Budget in 5 Steps

by ProSource Wholesale

Before you can begin your home remodeling project, you’ll need to determine your budget.  Fortunately, there are some standard rules and tools that can help.  Follow these five steps to get a clear picture of the budget you’ll need to accomplish your home remodeling goals.

Step One:  Follow the 5 to 15% Rule

The rule states that your remodel project should cost no less than five percent and no more than 15 percent of the current value of your home.

Step Two:  Determine the Scope of Your Project

Does your room need a complete gut job or just a minor facelift?

Step Three:  Add Cost of Living Expenses

Often it’s the day-to-day costs that get overlooked, causing you to go way over budget.  Be sure to take these costs into consideration when planning your budget.

Step Four:  Factor in the Variables

With all the variables that can affect your budget, here are some factors to consider:

Home Value

Take into account not only what you think your home is worth, but also the value of similar updated homes in your neighborhood.


Make a list of factors that are motivating you to remodel.

Needs vs. Wants

Once you’ve envisioned your dream room, you’ll have a better ideas of your absolute project essentials.


If your goal is to spend the next 15 years enjoying your remodeled room, you might be willing to spend more than if moving is part of your five-year plan.


If your room is larger or smaller than average, you may need to increase or decrease your budget accordingly.


If you already know you’re going to want an island appliance added or an interior wall moved, you’ll need to spend well beyond what a basic facelift would cost.

Step Five:  Get a Pro’s Opinion

A professional has the ability to offer expert kitchen and bath design services, and many times can recommend unique remodeling ideas that can save you money.

Once you’ve determined your home remodel project budget, the best thing you can do is stick to it.  That said, even the most carefully created budget can be thrown off by unforeseen costs.  If so, follow suggested guidelines for keeping your project budget under control.

If you need a professional to give you an honest opinion and ideas for your next dream project, give A-Team Construction a call today! 

We’re here to help!

Building a Custom Home…

From Smart to Finish…

New home build by A-Team Construction

  1. Hire the right professionals. Your team from the beginning phases of your project should include: You as the future homeowner, an architect or home designer, your chosen builder and an interior designer.  These professionals have successfully completed similar projects, and can share with you their insights and knowledge to help educate you along the way.  The right professionals can relieve stress, save time, and money.  Your determining factor in hiring each professional should come down to trust…do you trust them professionally, and do you trust them making decisions for you?  Try not to focus on bids or money at this stage.  The wisest financial decision is to hire a professional team that you can trust.  You may want to involve other professionals as the project develops, such as landscape architects or vendors key to the project.  For example, if you have dreamed of natural stone set in an intricate design, a designer or representative from a trusted stone company may be helpful as part of your ‘team’.
  1. Know your budget. Be realistic and honest about the amount of money you want to spend on your custom home.  Communicate your budget with your team of professionals BEFORE the plans are finalized.  Reserve money for furniture, custom window treatments, area rugs, and custom finish items that may not be included in the construction budget allowance through the builder.  Reserve cash on hand for changes and unexpected expenses that may come up during the construction process.  KNOW the reality of the allowance budget your builder has given you, and understand where you should and shouldn’t expect to pay for upgrades as you finalize finishes.  The exact same home, built by the exact same builder, on the exact same lot, can range from $180-$350/sq. ft. Based on the selection of cabinetry, flooring and other finishes.
  1. Preserve your investment through great planning on paper. Spend time and money in the paper phase to avoid costly changes during the construction process.  Know your plans, commit to your plans and spend time in the paper stage.  Clients are often so anxious to get started on construction that they speed through the important planning process.  Concentrating on, and not rushing through, the paper stage can also be the one step that can potentially save a client the most money.  Lean on your team of professionals to help you understand your plans, the layout, and to visualize your future home.  You may want to invest in professional renderings and other additional interior design services to help you to properly visualize the scale and design.
  1. Get involved, but know when to step back. The best homes are built WITH the clients.  It can be an enjoyable process for everyone.  The key is to be excited about your new home but not to micromanage the project.  Give your professional team the opportunity to fulfill their responsibilities and to utilize their expertise and talents.  If you do see problems or have concerns, especially as you walk the site during construction, simply email your team.  Let your team handle the concerns or educate you about what you see.
  1. In every great project something will go wrong. There is no such thing as a perfect home or a perfect construction project.  Inevitably there will be set-backs, unforeseen conditions, discontinued products, back ordered ship dates, a wall that is one inch off, etc.  A successful construction process from start to finish is more about managing the expectations and solving problems, than about being perfect.  A great builder will help you through those hiccups and will present great solutions.

** This article was written by Alisha Newman, ASID Allied, Owner & Design Director, IBD Studio for the East Valley Luxury Home Association Resource Directory

Large Format Plane Tiles

Don’t miss out on one of today’s hottest tile trends!

What is the one thing holding you back from new tile in your kitchen, bathroom, home or office?  For me, it’s grout lines.  I cringe at the thought of having to clean the grout.  Well, I’m happy to say, those days are over!

Large format porcelain plane panels are the next generation of tile.  StonePeak Ceramics is carving the way with these large format panels.  They are available in five different modular sizes up to an astounding 5’ x 10’.  Each tile covers more square feet which in turn, requires fewer grout lines during installation.

This collection is the first panel option of its kind.  They feature engineered porcelain, including amazing flexibility, is crack resistant, mold resistant, heat and frost proof, with no artificial binders and no VOC emissions.  Plane tiles are ideal for interiors, exteriors, countertops, veneers, and much more.  StonePeak currently carries the panels in twenty-two beautiful colors.  Contractors must be certified by StonePeak in order to install these panels.  Another good reason to always be selective in choosing the “right” contractor.  You can always count on A-Team Construction to have these qualifications you need to make your dream a reality.

Check out these amazing photos of some large format plane projects:

For more information, go to StonePeak Ceramics or visit a Bedrosians showroom near you.

2016 Pantone Colors of the Year


PANTONE 13-1520 & PANTONE 15-3919


pantone colors of the year

Trend or Here to Stay?

Herringbone & Chevron Design Trend


What is Herringbone?

Herringbone is a pattern that is composed of rectangular pieces of equal size, arranged in a zig-zag, pattern. The perfectly cut rectangular are staggered slightly, so that the end of one plank meets the side of another.

Herringbone is not to be confused with a ‘Chevron’ pattern which is similar. The easiest way to differentiate the two is: Chevron is an inverted ‘V’ whereas Herringbone resembles a broken zig-zag pattern.

How can I use Herringbone?

Herringbone can be used in a multitude of ways with a multitude of products. You can create this classical pattern with flooring tile as well as walls; make them large scale or small – the choice is ultimately up to your own design aesthetic.  Explore some of the collections below which can be found at Bedrosians.


2016 Design Trends

No More Cracked Tile!

Cracked concrete
Have you ever noticed cracks in your tile or concrete and wondered, “Where did they come from”?  Worse yet, have you ever spent thousands of dollars to have your dream kitchen or bathroom tile installed only to get cracks a few months or years down the road?  As mentioned in other posts on our website, A-Team Construction prides itself on the quality of products we use to make your dream remodel or new construction last a lifetime (or at least until YOU are ready for another change).

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The Double D’s of Home Remodeling

What are two four letter words that strike major concern into any homeowner’s mind during the remodeling process?  The double D’s, “Dust and Demo”!  The demolition process is a separate project in and of itself and should be a conversation addressed between you and your contractor prior to demolition day.  A good contractor will have a dust containment plan and be able to tell you exactly the measures he/she will take to protect your property and contain the dust to the area that is being renovated.  We, at A-Team Construction pride ourselves on our dust containment plan and make it a point to give you a clear idea of how the construction area will be cordoned off from the rest of your home.
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