A-Team Construction provides high-quality bathroom remodeling with attention to detail in both aesthetics and functionality. Your bathroom has a large influence on your home’s comfort and value.  A-Team Construction knows the difference between good and perfect.  We can turn your home’s bathroom into a sanctuary and an asset.

Call A-Team Construction for a free bathroom remodeling consultation. Our experts can help you design a beautiful and functional bathroom. 


Why Choose A-Team Construction for Your Bathroom Remodel?

1. We minimize remodeling time.  You don’t Tile Bathroom Remodelwant your bathroom out of commission for any longer than necessary.  We work with local suppliers, factor in lead and ordering time and make sure all material is ordered and available before demolition begins.  By putting great foresight into the pre-planning of a remodel, we minimize the time in your home.

2. Bathroom remodeling can be tricky due to the essential involvement of plumbing.  A-Team Construction’s remodeling team only works with tried-and-true local plumbing experts.  The quality and service is guaranteed.  We leverage our relationships and our knowledge in order to exceed expectations in every bathroom we remodel.

3. In remodeling, often unique material is requested.  This is especially true with bathroom remodeling.  A-Team Construction is very skilled when it comes to many different types of material and application knowledge, specifically in tile.  The water-proofing system we install into bathroom remodels is second to none.  We only use the Schluter-Kerdi waterproofing system in order to make sure your new bathroom remodel will withstand the test of time.

4. One of our core values is client education.  During the course of the bathroom remodeling process, we want our clients to have a full understanding of everything we do.  This way all your expectations will be met and there will be no surprises.

Let A-Team Construction take charge of your next residential or commercial remodeling, addition or new construction project.  Give us a call today!