Interior & Exterior Doors

Exterior Arizona doors take quite a beating.  Between our monsoon seasons with the sheets of rain and our long, dry summer with the dust and sun, choosing the correct door and installing it properly is important. Having professionals install your doors is important not only to your safety, but also to help regulate your utility bills.  A-Team Construction excels at interior and exterior doors.  Each door manufacturer can have a little bit of a different installation process for their products, but our experience helps us install each door seamlessly.

Barn doors to new office

Barn doors to new office

Our door installation is a 3-step process:

1. First, we help identify what kind of style, design and hardware goes best with your design.

2. Then, we measure each and every door to make sure we have a perfect fit.

3. Once the door is in place we secure and make all squaring and appropriate adjustments.

Properly insulating the door is a must, too little and you will have leaks, too much may distort the frame.

Let A-Team Construction install the perfect doors for your space – whether it be an interior door to define a room or an exterior door to welcome you home.