Eight Points to Ponder When Considering Multiple Bids

Whether you select A-Team Construction as your contractor or another company, you should consider the following points when looking at multiple bids.  These points will help you make an informed decision on a project that will last a lifetime.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

1.  A bid must include all the information for the job.  Scan the bid for any missing information that is included on other  bids that are up for consideration.  If you think you are missing something imperative, contact the contractor to obtain what you need to make an informed decision.

2.  In the same theme as point number 1, never feel like you can’t contact the contractor you are thinking about hiring to ask any and all of your questions.  Thoroughly addressing concerns and having open and clear communication with your contractor is essential to the success of any project.  Making sure the communication is there before you hire will be very helpful.

3.  Take a careful look at the materials that are being presented to complete the project.  Compare them across the board.  Which bids are offering quality and affordability within their suggested material?  Besides the workmanship, the project’s material is paramount to bringing your vision to life.

4.  One thing that needs to appear on the bid to help you avoid all sorts of disasters is the details of the contractor’s insurance.  Make sure they are properly insured with:  personal liability, property damage coverage and worker’s compensation.  If the insurance status of a contractor is not proven, do not use them for your project.

5.  Due diligence:  This would include checking the actual job site, understanding the client’s expectations, grasping the requirements of the job and noting any special or specific material or methods that must be used from breaking ground to completion.

6.  Bids are often not required to have a guaranteed completion date, but an estimated time frame should at least be included so that you, the client, and the contractor are in the same ballpark as to when the project needs to be completed.

7.  There are certain rules and laws that must be considered when bids are being drawn up.  Contractors should be well-versed in the regulations of their industry.  But it doesn’t hurt for you to have some knowledge about them as well.  Know what your state requires in regards to competitive bidding.  Resident preference is something allowed in many states which gives preferential treatment to contractors licensed to work in the state.  (Especially when doing work in Arizona, going with a local contractor will be beneficial since they will have knowledge of the unique material and requirements needed to work in the desert.)

8.  Some other things to look for when comparing bids is the contractor’s license (look them up in the Better Business Bureau); how long have they been in business, as well as have they worked on any projects that are similar to yours?

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Last updated: September 10, 2015 at 14:09 pm

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