Why Choose A-Team Construction for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Fully remodeled Chandler kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It takes a special team of experts to bring warmth, beauty and functionality to this core area. The kitchen greatly impacts a home’s comfort and value and is the room where homeowners and guests spend the most time. Kitchens are one of A-Team Construction’s favorite rooms to remodel, because of the value and satisfaction that it brings to our clients.

  • We minimize remodeling time. You don’t want your kitchen out of commission for any longer than necessary. We work with local suppliers, factor in lead and ordering time and make sure all material is ordered and available before demolition begins. By putting great foresight into the preplanning of a remodel, we minimize the time in your home.
  • In a kitchen renovation, it is our goal to create a room where everyone wants to spend time. We listen to our clients in order to produce the desired results and create a space that attracts, with open-flow designs, eat-in kitchens and breakfast bars.
  • A lot goes into a kitchen remodel.  The cabinets, flooring, countertops and other design elements all need to be gracefully coordinated into one finished product.  A-Team Construction’s extensive experience with kitchen remodels, our preplanning phase and our communication skills ensure we provide the best possible remodel experience. 
  • One of our core values is client education.  During the course of a kitchen remodel, we want our clients to have a full understanding of the entire process.  This way all expectations will be met and there will be no surprises.

Phoenix kitchen remodelCall A-Team Construction for a free kitchen consultation.  Our experts can help you design a beautiful and functional kitchen.