The Importance of the “Right” Windows and Installation

Vinyl Window Image

Window installations are similar to doors; they are important to invest in properly and install professionally.  Windows impact the look and feel of your interior significantly.  Also, they account for about 10% to 25% of your energy bill.  Getting them installed correctly and picking out the correct windows for your region can help you save money and enjoy your investment for many years to come.  Each window manufacturer can have a little bit of a different installation process for their products, but our experience helps us install each window efficiently and successfully. Our window installation is a 4-step process:

1. First, we help identify what kind of window style will go best with your design.

2. Each window needs to be individually measured.  Don’t worry if you need custom windows we can help you find the perfect style and fit.

3. Water-resistant barriers are applied and the window is set.

4. Finally, the window needs to have shims added and secured firmly into place.

Since we are a local company, we know what the elements of Arizona can do.  Let A-Team give you the right suggestions to help protect the interior of your home with the best windows to fit your style and budget.

Give A-Team Construction a call to find and install the best windows for your home!