Schluter Systems – Waterproofing System

waterproofing exampleA-Team Construction is an authorized Schluter® installer and takes great pride in using the best products for building your dream kitchen, tile shower and bathroom, etc.  One of the products we are most proud of is the Schluter line.  Specifically, the Schluter-Kerdi waterproofing system.  This system is the backbone of your tile shower which will keep everything leak free for years to come.

Tiled showers and bathtub surrounds require proper moisture management to ensure successful long-term performance. While cement backerboards are moisture-resistant, they are not waterproof. Thus, additional measures must be taken to protect wall cavities from water and vapor penetration.

In addition to being lightweight and easy to cut with a utility knife, Schluter-KERDI-BOARD is inherently waterproof and vapor-retardant. When used in conjunction with the Schluter-Shower System, KERDI-BOARD provides an integrated tile backing and moisture management system for tiled showers and bathtub surrounds.

These days people are seeking a retreat-like atmosphere in their bathrooms.  They are looking for the spa-like quality in their dream home.  These bathroom designs include curb-free tile showers, along with large-format tiles extending from the floor into the shower, and custom building elements like shower seats and vanities.  This is where the Schluter line comes into play.  The Schluter-Kerdi board can be used to construct tile-ready elements such as partition walls without any wood or metal framing.