Large Panel Tiles

Large panel tiles make a striking statement in just about any room, a bold design element that’s grown quickly in popularity over the past few years. Made of porcelain and available in a wide array of finishes, large format tiles can measure up to 300 cm – that’s 10 feet!

Also known as Large format porcelain panels or Large format porcelain tiles, these panel tiles are ideal for use on walls and floors. The larger size creates a smoother, cleaner profile that makes the space look larger and more modern.

Large format porcelain panel tiles come with a variety of benefits, starting with their size. One 10′ x 5′ tile replaces 50 12″ tiles. That means fewer joins and a lot less grout. In fact, with large format tiles, you can have a grout-free shower. They also pair perfectly with our Schluter waterproofing system.

Another benefit is the tiles’ porcelain construction. It allows manufacturers to create the highly-prized look of marble with the resilience and easy maintenance you get with porcelain tiles. Porcelain is also mold-resistant and extremely durable, standing up well against normal wear and tear.

While this size of large panel tile gives them the clean, modern look many homeowners want, it does make them more difficult to install. Professional installation is highly recommended when it comes to Large format porcelain panels.

A-Team Construction has the training and experience needed to install large panel tiles safely and correctly.
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